Life as a Montreal Escort

Recently I had a young lady approach me ready to tell = her story of what it was like to be a working girl, an escort, living in the bustling city of Montreal. She preferred to keep her identity anonymous, and I have agreed to respect her wishes. As an ex-escort having worked in the sex industry for over two years, she was able to give me great insight on the double life that many women like her have lead and currently do lead.

“Montreal has an extensive number of escort agencies and escorts who work with them” she begins by telling me. “Most agencies charge between one-hundred-fifty per hour to two-hundred-fifty.” This prompted me to ask my next question, “how much do you make as an escort?”

Mira, as we will call her, revealed to me that the agency she was working with for the majority of her two years as a courtesan allowed her to keep half of the money charged to the client. So per hour working, she was usually making one-hundred-twenty dollars, sometimes a little less if the client was paying less. “Most often, I received fifty percent, but the first agency I was working for gave me only forty, which is why I decided to switch to another one.”

When asked how much per week, she went on to tell me that there are a number of factors which determined how much she could make. The tourism in Montreal had a great effect on the volume of calls the agency would receive, the summer bringing in the most business, especially due to bachelor parties. As well as this, it also depended on how many hours she was willing to put in each night and how many days per week. “I preferred to work four days in the week,” she tells me, “from eight o’clock in the evening until two in the morning.” Approximately, on a busy week, she tells me she was making anywhere between two thousand and three thousand dollars per week.

“It’s not an easy life,” she tells me. “I had to entertain many strange men, all of whom were not always respectful towards me due to my chosen profession.” Understandably, life as a Montreal escort is not easy, and requires a lot of strength of character if one is not to lose themselves in the process.

Today, Mira is working in a high-class law firm, having worked as an escort in the sex industry for a reputable agency as a means of putting herself through school, and is now a successful paralegal and beginning a family with her very supportive husband of one year. She tells me that though there were difficult times, she doesn’t regret the choice she made to work as an escort because it has helped her get to the place she is today, and she is very happy about it.

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